2024 Admissions


**New Policy for Sport-études effective 2024**

The following only applies to CEGEP students who are enrolled in a Sport-Études program or competing in a national or high level sport applying to the Med-P Qualifying Year whose participation in these programs is extended beyond 3 years.

Check the “Extenuating Circumstances” box when completing the online application system. The item “EXTC” will appear on your checklist. Once entered, you can upload the supporting documents to the Applicant Portal on the online application system.  

Please submit details and supporting documents via the Extenuating circumstances process. If you forgot to check the box and it is still before the March 1 deadline, email the Undergraduate Medical Admissions Office at admissions.med [at] mcgill.ca; EXTC will be added to your Applicant Portal checklist so you can upload your documents. 

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