2023 Admissions

The Sport-Études form

N.B. ► The following only applies to CEGEP students who are enrolled in a Sport-Études program or competing in a national or high level sport applying to the Med-P Qualifying Year and have an irregular CEGEP academic record because of their involvement in sports & academics (Sport-Études)


Print or fill-in the PDF form below with all of the requested information.  Have it signed by both you (the applicant) and your coach or sports club representative to attest to the marked sections.

FORM ► PDF icon spor-etudes-en.pdf



Check the “Extenuating Circumstances” box when completing the McGill Web Application. The item “EXTC” will appear on your Minerva document upload checklist. Once entered, you can upload the PDF to your application using the Applicant menu in your Minerva account.  For instructions on how to upload documents, refer to Uploading your documents.  

If you forgot to check the box and it is still before the March 1 deadline, email the Admissions office at admissions.med [at] mcgill.ca; EXTC will be added to your Minerva so you can upload your documents. If you also wish to claim extenuating circumstances (serious illness or personal difficulties impacting your academics, combine both sets of documentation into one pdf file and upload to the EXTC item.

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