Non-Traditional Pathway Applicants who are Residents of Québec


All Quebec-resident applicants with a university degree are invited to apply through the Quebec-University pathway for MDCM admission; the Non-Traditional Pathway (NTP) is not open to applications.

Several updates to the eligibility criteria facilitate the transition for candidates who were previously eligible in the Non-Traditional Pathway:

1. Removal of the Basic Science Prerequisite expiry date

2. Update to the full-time study requirement

This change recognizes the fact that applicants with a variety of educational, career, and life experiences who were previously restricted to the 2-5 Quebec NTP seats, have profiles that are very competitive for admission in the larger Quebec University cohort, and go on to be successful in our program.

Summary of key differences

Under the NTP, successful completion of a 30-credit Qualifying Year was required for admitted candidates; the Quebec-University pathway does not have a Qualifying Year, students begin the 4-year MDCM program immediately.

Applicants whose degrees were not completed full-time were only eligible for NTP; for the Quebec-University pathway the definition of full-time study has now been updated with greater flexibility: while 12-15 credits per semester is still generally expected, Bachelor’s degrees with some part-time study but completed within 1 additional year of the expected duration are considered. Applicants whose degree does not meet this eligibility requirement may consult the policy on 2nd bachelor’s degrees for use as a basis of admission degree. Documented extenuating circumstances affecting the Bachelor’s degree are still considered separately as usual. As in the past, in addition to a situation affecting specific courses, this may include circumstances that relevant to eligibility policies such as the length of time to complete the degree, periods of part-time study or breaks in study that are beyond the scope of the revised full-time study policy. Extenuating Circumstances Policy

In past years candidates were restricted to the NTP if their science pre-requisites were completed over 8 years ago, or if they were incomplete; the Quebec University pathway has now removed the expiry date for the science courses. As of the 2021 application cycle, 3 of the 7 Basic sciences can be in progress at the time of application (Nov. 1) with grades available by May 30.

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