The Faculty of Medicine Student Ambassador Program

The main objective of the Student Ambassador Program is to provide prospective applicants and newly admitted students the best information possible about the experience of attending the Faculty of Medicine at McGill.  McGill Medical students' perspectives are invaluable to candidates deciding whether or not to apply to, or attend, McGill.


Role and Duties of a Student Ambassador

To represent the Faculty of Medicine and McGill University

As the title implies, Student Ambassadors are called upon to represent the student body, the Faculty of Medicine, and McGill University. Just as the student body is made up of individuals with diverse backgrounds and aspirations, it is hoped that our Ambassadors will also illustrate the plurality of the Faculty of Medicine. Just as the student body is connected by a common motivation to become physicians of the highest standard, it is hoped that our Ambassadors will convey a unified voice of commitment to professionalism, service and excellence. 

Note that Ambassadors should not hold themselves out as officially representing the views of the student body or the Faculty of Medicine. If approached by the media in your capacity as an Ambassador, you are asked to consult with the Faculty's Communications Office before making any representations.

To serve as a contact person

Student Ambassador profiles (bio and photo) are posted on the Admissions website and are held out as contact persons for inquiries about the student experience.  Ambassadors should be comfortable communicating by e-mail or telephone in a frank, friendly and professional manner. Ambassadors are required to check their e-mail on a regular basis and be able to respond to a query within a short time frame (no more than 5 days). 

To give tours of the facilities

From time to time, prospective students request faculty tours; these are conducted by Student Ambassadors. Tours cover the McIntyre Medical Sciences Building amphitheatres, classrooms and computer lab, the Life Sciences and Osler Libraries, the Strathcona Anatomy Building and Anatomy Lab, the McGill Athletics facilities and, if feasible, hospital facilities. The Student Ambassador may also invite prospective students to sit in on a course, session or lab; permission of professors should always be obtained in advance of such a visit.

Special Events Requiring Student Ambassador Participation

The following are examples of functions and special events for which Student Ambassador participation is critical:

*Please note that the activities mentioned below will be held virtually.

Other activities include: 

  • Hosting events for visitors to interviews Applicants who are invited to interviews are hosted by medical students who provide general information, give tours, share testimonies, and answer questions. Ambassadors are usually asked to host applicants in their homes (if needed), organize social events during the weekend for students from out-of-Montreal. The interview dates (tbd).
  • Multiple-Mini Interviews ► An ambassador may be asked to contribute as creator or collaborator of multiple mini-interview scenarios or as an MMI evaluator.
  • Student presentations on McGill Medicine Ambassadors who wish to make presentations in high schools or CEGEPs where they previously studied will be provided with the necessary material by the Admissions Office.
  • Focus Groups ► Ad hoc focus groups of students are constituted by the Admissions Office for consultative purposes as needed (eg. to improve marketing strategies, analyze pertinence of certain prerequisites, review admissions procedures, enhance recruitment of specific groups, improve client service, act in admissions-related videos or audio-visual material, etc.)
  • Communications ► Ambassadors with an interest in communications will be asked to help improve our web and social media presence.

Become an Ambassador

We invite you to share your perspectives and experiences with future McGill medical students, and we look forward to working with you!

APPLICATION FORMApplying to the Student Ambassador Program

DEADLINE ► September 17, 2021 



Interested students are asked to apply by following the link below to fill out an application form.  The Office of Admissions in consult with the Undergraduate Medical Education (UGME) office and the Medical Students' Society (MSS) will select the candidates from those in good academic standing.  Bilingual students are preferred, but not required.

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