Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences - Action Plan to Address Anti-Black Racism: Discussion session for Black students, Faculty and staff

The Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, working through its Social Accountability and Community Engagement Office (SACE), is developing a Faculty-specific plan to address systemic anti-Black racism following the September 30 release of McGill’s Action Plan to Address Anti-Black Racism.

The Faculty’s final plan—which will include specific actions, targets and timelines—will be shared with the community once consultations are completed. To help shape the plan, the SACE Office is hosting two consultation events for Black students, faculty and staff to share ideas and experiences relating to five axes identified in McGill’s Action Plan: student experience, research and knowledge, outreach, workforce and physical space. A plan framework, created based on initial insights and input from Black community members and key stakeholders, will be presented during these consultation sessions and will be made available Faculty-wide in the coming days.

We will be happy to receive your questions in advance, submitted online at the time of registration, or during the event.

These consultation sessions will be held live on Zoom.

  • Thursday, Oct 22, from 12-1 p.m.

  • Tuesday, Oct 27, from 12-1 p.m.

These two sessions are reserved for members of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences who self-identify as Black. The unique perspectives of Black Faculty members – be they students, faculty or staff – will be key to a successful plan. Input from the Faculty’s broader community will be sought during the upcoming Faculty Council meeting. Additionally, any member of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences is welcome to communicate with the SACE Office in confidence about their views as to the content and implementation process for the Faculty’s Plan for Addressing Anti-Black Racism at the following email address: sace.office [at] mcgill.ca.



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