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Anti-Black Racism Feedback Form

Dear members of the McGill Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences community,

In summer 2020, the Faculty’s Social Accountability and Community Engagement (SACE) Office held community events and preliminary consultations to begin the Faculty’s action planning against systemic anti-Black racism and discrimination. SACE listened and heard from stakeholders on how we might better tackle systemic racism and microaggressions, enhance curricular content and increase the representation of Black students in the Faculty. These events, consultations and input are captured in this framework, which will help inform conversations going forward. This framework will evolve into a proposed plan of action for the Faculty and will also inform ongoing efforts to combat systemic racism and discrimination of other disadvantaged people in our community.

All members of the Faculty community are encouraged to share their thoughts and feedback about the framework and actions so far proposed using this online form, or via email to: sace.office [at] mcgill.ca. Note that, as this form has been created for our internal Faculty community, you are asked to enter your McGill email address and password; however, this will not compromise confidentiality of your feedback should you decide not to self-identify.

Thank you, once again, to all those who have been instrumental in shaping this framework. Thank you also to everyone across the Faculty for your commitment and engagement to make the Faculty community welcoming and safe for all.

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