Equity Committee Members

Name Role
Dr. Saleem Razack Chair, SACE Director
Dr. Pascale Caidor Manager, SACE Office
Dr. Nicole Li-Jessen Chair of Widening Participation Committee (WPC)
Dr. Kent Saylor Director, Indigenous Health Professional Program 
TBA Director, SEDE Office
Dr. Craig Mandato Chair, Anatomy and Cell Biology
Dr. Michael Shevell Chair, Pediatrics
Dr. Liliane Asseraf-Pasin Director of Physical Therapy Training Program
Dr. Melissa Park Member at Large (School of Physical and Occupational Therapy)
Dr. Patricia Tonin Member at Large  (Department of Human Genetics)
TBA Member at Large 
TBA Association of Residents of McGill 
Ms. Gianjeet Ramburn Medical Students' Society Equity Committee

Ms. Robin Grantner
Ms. Louisa Mussells Pires

Nursing Representative
TBA Graduate program outside of professional schools
Ms. Elizabeth Hillier PGSS Representative
Ms. Seeta Ramdass Community Member
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