About the Mary Emily Unit

The Mary Emily Clinical Nutrition Research Unit was established in 1995 through the generous support of G. Stewart Brown, long time friend and benefactor of McGill University, with the objective of creating a facility dedicated to human nutrition experimentation using precisely controlled diets. This turn of the century home, the Walter and May Stewart house, was restored and renovated. The 5000 sq ft. facility now houses state-of-the-art bone testing and anthropometric equipment, laboratory facilities, kitchen and dining facility for dietary studies and comfortable meeting spaces for faculty and staff.

This facility is unique in Canada, in that it allows strict, in-house monitoring and testing of research subjects over prolonged periods while they consume diets prepared in house.

The environment is welcoming to families and young children. Upon entrance a reception area welcomes participants and staff will direct them through the research process accordingly. On the lower, main level are kitchen, dining and interview rooms.The upper level of the facility contains examination and clinical testing areas.


Body Composition and Bone Analysis
Survey and Questionnaire Administration
Controlled Feeding Trials

Director: Professor Daiva Neilsen
Clinical Research Associate: Catherine Vanstone, RN, MSc


The Mary Emily Clinical Nutrition Research Unit will be a state-of-the-art facility and an integral component of the McGill School of Dietetics and Human Nutrition.  Health and well-being of individuals in relation to food choices and physiological status prevails as the unifying theme of programs within the School.  As such, the Mary Emily Clinical Nutrition Research Unit will be a critical facility for conduct of feeding and clinical trials and will facilitate multidisciplinary research in a non-institutional setting.  The facility will accommodate research and research training across the lifespan and thereby contribute to enhancement of lifetime and generational health for Canadians and people throughout the World.


To realize the vision, the Mary Emily Clinical Nutrition Research Unit will house and maintain key infrastructure required for establishing optimal nutrient intakes, key nutrients and nutritional strategies in the achievement of health.  The infrastructure will be designed with the capacity to enhance lifetime health of individuals whether they are newborn infants, older children or adults.  The Mary Emily Clinical Nutrition Research Unit welcomes trainees and researchers from a variety of disciplines (nutrition, medicine, physical education, epidemiology and others) to cross-foster future collaborations and secure continued advancements in overall health for Canadians.

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