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  • NSERC Strategic Project, 'A High-Rate speed-reduction mechanism based on Cams' 1996-1997, $117,078.
  • NSERC Research Grant, 'Design, Dynamics and Control of Multibody Mechanical Systems' 1994-1998 $59,700.
  • NSERC Collaborative Research and Development Project, 'A Dual-Arm Isotropically-Enhanced Robotic Environment for Trajectory Planning, Obstacle Avoidance and Force Control', with Rajnikant V. Patel (Responsible. Electrical & Computer Engineering, Concordia University) and Alan Robins (Canadair). From August 1, 1995 till July 31, 1998, for: first year, $88K; second year, $145K; third year, $121K.
  • FCAR Team Grant: "Conception et commande de robots manipulateurs - architecture bi-triangulaire' (Principal Investigator, J. Angeles; other researchers: P. J. Zsombor-Murray and M. Buehler), $34K/yr. (1995--98). Additionally, the team received a $12.45K equipment grant.
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