Abdul M Ahmed


Thomas Workman Emeritus Professor
Ph.D. McGill University
M.Eng. McGill University
B.Sc. Dhaka University


Macdonald Engineering Building, Rm 353 Map
External Website
514-398-6304 [office]
514-398-7365 [Fax]
abdul.ahmed [at] mcgill.ca (Email)


Most Significant Publications

  • Ahmed, A.M., Duncan, N.A., Tanzer, M., "In Vitro Measurement of the Tracking pattern of the Human Patella," ASME Journal of Biomechanical Engineering, v. 121, pp. 222-228, 1999.
  • Tissakht, M., Ahmed, A.M., Chan, K.C., "Calculated Stress-Shielding in the Distal Femur After Total Knee Replacement Corresponds to the Reported Location of Bone Loss", Journal of Orthopaedic Research, v. 14, pp. 778-785, 1996.
  • Tissakht, M., Eskandari H., Ahmed, A.M., "Micromotion Analyses of the Fixation of Total Knee Tibial Component", Journal of Computers and Structures, v. 56, No. 2/3, pp. 365-375, 1995.
  • style="list-style: none">Tissakht, M., Ahmed, A.M. " Tensile Stress-Strain Characteristics of the Human Meniscal Material", Journal of Biomechanics, v. 28, No. 4, pp. 411-422, 1995.
  • Lean, C.A., Ahmed, A.M., "Design and Development of an Unconstrained Dynamic Knee Simulator", ASME Journal of Biomechanical Engineering, v. 115, pp. 144-148, 1993.
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