Bantwal Baliga

Bantwal Baliga
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Macdonald Engineering Building, Room 370

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rabi.baliga [at]

Ph.D. University of Minnesota
M.Sc. Case Western Reserve University
B.Tech. Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur



MECH 346: Heat Transfer (3 Credits)
MECH 565: Fluid Flow &Heat Trans. Equip (3 Credits)
MECH 650: Fundamentals of Heat Transfer (4 Credits)

Research areas: 
Combustion and Energy Systems
Selected publications: 
  • Jesuthasan, N. and Baliga, B.R., 2010. Modeling laminar fluid flows in rectangular vapour grooves of evaporators used in loop heat pipes, Proc. ASME 2010 3rd Joint US-European Fluids Engineering Summer Meeting, Paper # FEDSM-ICNMM2010-31129, pp. 1-10, Montreal, Canada, August 1-5.
  • Sivov, T.G., Palacios-Gamez, R., and Baliga, B.R., 2010. Computational modeling of thermal energy storage in rock beds, Proc. ASME 2010 3rd Joint US-European Fluids Engineering Summer Meeting, Paper # FEDSM-ICNMM2010-31130, pp. 1-12, Montreal, Canada, August 1-5.
  • Duplain, E. and Baliga. B.R., 2009. Computational optimization of the thermal performance of internally finned ducts, International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, Vol. 52, pp. 3929-3942, 2009.
  • Scott, D.A. and Baliga, B.R., 2008. Experimental investigation of laminar mixed convection in a vertical pipe with slurries of a microencapsulated phase-change material in distilled water, Proc. Fifth International Conference on Transport Phenomena in Multiphase Systems (HEAT 2008), 2, pp. 189-196, Bialystok, Poland, June 30 – July 3.
  • Atabaki, N. and Baliga, B.R., 2007. Effective thermal conductivity of water-saturated sintered powder-metal plates, Heat and Mass Transfer, Vol. 44, pp. 85-99.
  • Lamoureux, A. and Baliga, B.R., 2007. Temporally- and spatially-periodic laminar flow and heat transfer in staggered-plate arrays, Proc. ASME-JSME Thermal Engineering Summer Heat Transfer Conference (HT2007), Paper HT2007-32679, pp. 1-10, Vancouver, British Columbia, July 8-12.
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Current research: 
  • Loop heat pipes
  • Heat transfer in slurries of microencapsulated phase-change materials
  • Thermal energy storage in rock beds and solid-liquid phase-change systems
  • Fluid flow and heat transfer in notebook computers
  • Compact and ultra-compact heat exchangers
  • Heat transfer enhancement using metal foams
  • Prediction and mitigation of spotting phenomena in forest fires
  • Control-volume finite element methods for fluid flow and heat transfer
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Areas of interest: 

Primary Research Theme: Combustion and Energy Systems
Secondary Research Theme: Aerodynamics and Fluid Mechanics

Current research activities mainly involve numerical and experimental investigations of fluid flow and heat transfer, with applications to the design and optimization of energy exchange, storage, and conversion systems. Particular applications include compact and ultra-compact heat exchangers, thermal energy storage in rock beds and solid-liquid phase-change systems, heat transfer in slurries of suspended micro encapsulated solid-liquid phase-change materials in liquids, loop heat pipes, predictions and mitigation of spotting phenomena in forest fires, gas-solid-particle flows with and without combustion, heat transfer in notebook computers, heat transfer enhancement using porous media, and internally finned ducts.

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