Created in 2013, the Microbiome Diseases Tolerance Centre (MDTC) is a research and education centre focused on the discovery of the ways in which the human microbiome promotes health and prevents disease. The centre has 28 investigators from McGill and other Canadian universities, and their teams of research associates and assistants, postdoctoral fellows, graduate and undergraduate students and technicians.
MDTC’s members cover a broad expertise. From structural biology to microbiomics, from immunology to small animal modeling of health and disease, from genetics to clinical trials, MDTC researchers work to answer fundamental questions regarding our health such as what makes microbes helpful or harmful, how microbes in our bodies can make us healthy or sick, and how we can promote healthy immunity and prevent inflammatory and immune diseases such as diabetes and multiple sclerosis.  
MDTC also provides a vibrant and exciting environment for advanced training with access to state of the art core facilities at McGill and opportunities for local, national and international collaborations.
On behalf of MDTC members, it is our pleasure to invite you to explore the research and the discoveries at MDTC and join us in our quest for a healthy tomorrow.


Funding for the MDTC has generously been provided by: McGill’s Faculty of Medicine, The Bequeath from the Estate of Muriel Radcliffe