Hospital Purchases

The McGill Computer Store is now a supplier on MMP.  To place an order you will need a quote from MCS which can be obtained by emailing sales [dot] mcs [at] mcgill [dot] ca (one of our sales consultants). When ordering on MMP please attach the quote and type the quote number in the vendor notes. We will also need your shipping address indicated.

We do not accept the McGill P-card. We accept the MUHC P-card.  

Shipping & Deliveries

Delivery to a McGill building or affiliated teaching hospital is free for institutional and hospital orders over $50.

On-campus deliveries are handled by McGill Printing and Mail Services, while off-campus deliveries are handled by UPS. McGill Computer Store cannot ship outside of Canada.

Overweight and oversized items may be subject to additional shipping charges.

Any delivery delays quoted and our shipping policies are subject to change without notice.

We do not guarantee delivery dates. 

Personal Purchases

Personal purchases must be made in-store at the McGill Computer Store.
Shoppers must present a valid McGill ID card upon request.

Forms of Payment

We accept Interac (debit card), Visa, MasterCard, American Express, certified check, money order, and Canadian currency. We do not accept the McGill P-card or US currency. We cannot accept credit card payments by phone or through email.


McGill University students and staff with a valid McGill ID card are eligble to shop at the McGill Computer Store.

Unfortunately, due to our status as an educational reseller, we are unable to offer our products to the general public. 

How to Shop

I'm a student/staff member placing an order for myself

I'm a student/staff member placing an order for a McGill department or unit