ICAN - International Community Action Network - McGill Middle East Program

The International Community Action Network (ICAN), formerly the McGill Middle East Program (MMEP), is committed to the belief that social justice is the most reliable foundation for strong, healthy societies.

Since 1997, joining with partners in each of PalestineJordan and Israel, ICAN has worked to establish eleven rights-based community practice (RBCP) centres in some of the most disadvantaged areas of these societies. Despite the increasing violence and uncertainty in the Middle East over the last decade, the centres have implemented programs that engage, educate and empower the citizens most affected by conflict, war, economic hardship and uncertainty. 

Over 120,000 people benefit from the work of our centres each year, allowing them access to the basic social, economic and human rights to which we are all entitled.

More than 50 alumni have trained in community organizing as part of ICAN's International MSW Fellowship. These Fellows continue to work at these centres and across the Middle East to advance social justice.

This major project works with a number of institutional partners to staff and manage Project Genesis-modeled rights-based community practice centres throughout Israel, Palestine and Jordan. Click here to visit the website for more information.

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