The Problem is Series

Making the Edible Landscape: A Study of Urban Agriculture in Montreal, Vikram Bhatt et al., 87 ps., 2005.

Use it Again, Sam, Witold Rybczynski, ed., 60 ps., 1980.

Stop the Five Gallon Flush, Witold Rybczynski, ed., 47 ps., being revised.

Water Conservation and the Mist Experience, Alex Morse et al., 60 ps., July 1978.

Rooftop Wastelands, Ron Alward et al., 32 ps., November 1976.

L'operation ecol: ecologie + construction + bon sens, Alvaro Ortega et al. (traduit par Bernard et Danielle Lefebvre) 128 pages, photographies, 1975.

The Ecol Operation: Ecology + Building + Common sense, Alvaro Ortega et al. 128 ps., photographs, expanded edition 1975.

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