Audio-visual Educational Material

Audio-visual Educational Material

Human Settlements Training Packages

The purpose of the Human Settlements Training packages is to provide audio-visual material that can be used by architecture and planning schools, and housing institutions. To introduce students, architects, planners, engineers and urban designers to new ideas for planning low-income urban housing and innovative low-cost technologies that are more responsive to the demands and affordability of users, that are more effective at providing a good living environment, and that reflects a sensitivity to the lifestyle of the urban poor in developing countries. The material in these packages is based on several years of field work and research that has been carried out by Vastu-Shilpa Foundation, Ahmedabad and the Minimum Cost Housing Group, with the support of the Canadian International Development Agency.

Each set comes in a three-ring binder, with audio cassette/s, and 10 copies of a "Participant's Folder" that includes Presentation text, Questions and Topics for Discussion, Practical Exercise, and other Technical Information.

Package 1: The Design Guidelines: Consists of 7 modules, Introduction, Neighbourhood Streets, Work Places, Small Shops, Trees and Public Spaces, House Extensions and Using the Guidelines (329 slides and 4 audio tapes).

Package 2: Affordable Urban Design: Consists of 4 modules, Introduction, Site Planning, Infrastructure Design and House Form Variations (159 slides and 1 audio cassette).

Package 3: Residential Open Spaces: Consists of 2 modules, Introduction, and Design Criteria (84 slides and 1 audio cassette).

Package 4: Low-cost Technologies - Ferrocement: Consists of 3 modules, Introduction, Design Considerations and Application in Housing (125 slides and 1 audio cassette).

Package 5: Low-cost Technologies -Pour-Flush Sanitation System: Consists of 1 module (39 slides and 1 audio cassette).

Package 6: The Self-Selection Design Approach: Consists of 2 modules, Introduction and the Self-selection Process (86 slides and 1 audio cassette).

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