Edible Landscape

Making the Edible Landscape: A Study of Urban Agriculture in Montreal


Edible Landscapes refer to the visual, physical and social impacts of producing food in urban land. The report sheds light on the joys of growing one's own food, and its neighbourhood impacts. Hopefully, it will also inform planners, city officials and architects about the potential of gardening on under-utilized urban land. First, the global impacts of these landscapes in different parts of the world are observed. Then observations and lessons from field-trips made to community gardens in Montreal are presented. Finally, social benefits, challenges and costs associated with growing food in the city are highlighted. For matters of simplicity, the report focuses on built forms, human interactions and neighbourhood impact.

Traditionally, cities have served as centres of commerce and manufacturing, and of course, they have and continue to function as seats of power and culture. On the other hand, agriculture is primarily a rural activity. Hence, the term "urban agriculture," sounds oxymoronic. Nevertheless, research has shown that urban and peri-urban areas were always used for growing purposes, and there is rising evidence that many cities are actively engaged in urban agriculture. The degree and intensity of urban agriculture varies considerably from one country to another; it can be related to geographical location; the level of economic development; traditions of agriculture, government policies, and many other factors. A digital version of the publication is now available. For an easier download process, the publication has been divided into its different sections.

Index and Foreword

1. Introduction

2. Edible Landscapes Worldwide

3. Our Approach

4. Lessons

This work was carried out with the aid of a grant from the International Development Research Centre, Ottawa, Canada.

Visits to Community Garden
Visits to Community Garden  

Working Team:

Editors: Vikram Bhatt and Rune Kongshaug
Project Team:: Jingwei Cui, Yingzhou Du, Qiang Fu, Xiao Tong He, Rune Kongshaug, Sachin Narkar, Li Xiao
Teaching Assistant: : Jean D'Aragon
Professor: : Vikram Bhatt

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