Graduate Students' Work

Since September 2004, the Minimum Cost Housing Group at McGill University has been working with teams from the respective cities in developing proposals for Making the Edible Landscape project. This active exchange of ideas has been constructive for the students in receiving feedback on their proposals in relation to the local situation while presenting a new perspective to the local teams.


Catalogue: Edible Landscape Tools
Winter/Spring 2005

Edible Landscape Tools

This catalogue is a synthesis of the Studio work done by the graduate students during the Winter 2005 semester. The work was focused on further exploration of the proposals developed during the preceding semester. The students’ work has been organized in the catalogue into two main parts: integrating Urban Agriculture into existing settlements and new developments. Each component has sub-sections, which are site specific. The objective of this compilation is to make students’ work accessible to the city partners and to interested individuals for reference and further exploration in UA.


Design Charettes
Fall 2004

McGill Graduate Student's Work

Several teams made of graduate students in Urban Planning and Minimum Cost Housing developed a series of design proposals for each site. The objective of these proposals is to start discussion among city partners and local communities about different urban design approaches, which can be implemented to promote urban agriculture.

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