May Workshop Presentations

Colombo Presentation Kampala Presentation Rosario Presentation Montreal's Community Gardening Program MCHG Student Presentation

In the follow round-table session, a group of ten experts acted as moderators in the discussion of following key UA-issues:

Session 1: Land Tenure and Policy
Moderators: Prof. Jane Glenn and Mr. Andres Velez-Guerra

Session 2: Water and Sanitation
Moderators: Prof. Madhav Badami and Mr. Mark Redwood

Session 3: Participatory Design
Moderators: Prof. Lisa Bornstein and Prof. David Brown

Session 4: UA: Horticulture Options and Potential
Moderators: Ms. S. Barrone and Prof. Francois Emond

Session 5: Resource Mobilization / Leverage Municipal Resources
Moderators: Prof. Lisa Bornstein and Mr. Wayne Roberts

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