Housing a Billion

Design Ideas for Rural China and Village Upgrading

Cover page image Volume I.

Housing a Billion: Volume I
Design Ideas for Rural China: Shifang, China

This report describes the housing design solution, which was developed for Fangtin and the planning and architectural concerns that have guided our project. It deals with the planning of new housing developments in rural areas; it describes an innovative user-responsive approach that recognizes the advantages and disadvantages of resident population relocation as a strategy in typical solutions to rural housing problems. In addition, it also contains general background information on housing in China.

Housing a Billion: Volume II
Village Upgrading: Jianlu, China

This second volume in this series is the result of our concerns with the socio-cultural and economic implications of present relocation practices. Problems inherent in formal approaches are analysed and an alternative developmental approach – Village Upgrading – is presented as a more viable and sensitive way to address the housing problems of farmers, and one that is more likely to promote rural development in its widest sense.

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