MC2 facility during the research ramp-up period

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Before Entering Facility, please consult :

 PDF icon Facility rules during covid-19 PDF iconMC2 instrument cleaning procedures



  1. Users must comply with all posted and emailed rules for the facility

  2. General cleaning procedure: PDF iconMC2 instrument cleaning procedures
  3. All facilities have manager-run service (at user-run rates if service normally user-run)
  4. A sample drop-off area for all facilities is available near the freight elevator in the basement (hours: 8 AM to 3:30 PM, Monday-Friday)
  5. Some calendar systems have changed

External Sample Submission

  1. Inform manager concerned that you want to submit samples for analysis.
  2.  Come to the loading dock (see attached map) File map to loading dock
  3.  Deposit your samples on the corresponding shelves according to attached labels (see attached images) PDF icon loadindock_door.pdfPDF icon loading_dock_external_submission_area.pdf

Mass spectrometry (Nadim Saadeh, alexander.wahba [at] (Alex Wahba))

  1. Leave samples at sample submission area near goods elevator in the basement
  2. Open access is now available for: LCQ (lab 21), two GC-MS (lab 121).
  3. After operating an instrument, make sure you carefully complete cleaning procedures  PDF iconMC2 instrument cleaning procedures
  4. Please contact Alex for more details regarding training and setting up access to concerned instruments.

QANUC (tara.sprules [at] (Tara Sprules))

  1. Service manager-run unless by special arrangement

NMR/EPR (robin.stein [at] (Robin Stein))

  1. General notes
    • Wash your hands when you enter the NMR room
    • Wear cotton gloves (optional)
    • Cover your space with plastic wrap (optional)
    • Disinfect your workspace by spraying it with 70% ethanol when you are finished
    • Clean spinners and depth gauges with 95% ethanol
    • Use only ethanol or ethanol/water mixtures to disinfect your NMR tubes, and do not insert anything wet into the NMR instrument
    • For further cleaning information: PDF icon Disinfecting NMR instrument after use
  2. Sample submission
    • For Chemistry Department users:
      • fill in the sample submission form at
      • label your sample on top with marker and Parafilm it
      • place the sample in the sample submission rack near the goods elevator in the basement
      • when Robin, Tara, or Violeta is in (see schedule), they will run the sample
      • the sample will be returned to the sample submission area afterwards
    • For non-Chemistry Department users:
    • Samples will normally be run on the Bruker 500 MHz sample changer instrument 
  3. Walkup access
  4. Sample changer use
    • The Bruker 500 MHz is available when no manager is in
    • When a manager is in, a sign on the door will indicate that the sample changer is unavailable. In this case, you can use the sample drop-off service or any other instrument for which you have been trained
    • After using the instrument, disinfect your area according to PDF icon Disinfecting NMR instrument after use
  5. Contact Robin directory for solid-state NMR and EPR
  6. Additional protocols
  7. For training or support, robin.stein [at] (contact Robin).  Support will usually be given remotely, and is available whether Robin is in or not

Microscopy and imaging (milab.chemistry [at] (Mohini Ramkaran))

  1. Most service manager-run
  2. Consult the directives for information about sample submission, access and new protocols: PDF icon MILab directives
  3. Refer to individual instrument disinfection protocols posted in the lab and leave sufficient time before the end of your booking to clean your area.
  4. Contact manager about service and access

DLS (Dynamic light scattering, violeta.toader [at] (Violeta Toader))

  1. Instrument is located in OM 430
  2. Contact Violeta about access and running samples

Thermal analysis (petr.fiurasek [at] (Petr Fiurasek))

  1. Open-access maintained, but calendar system changed
  2. Contact Petr and Hatem with questions

X-ray diffraction (hatem.titi [at] (Hatem Titi))

  1. Most service manager-run
  2. Contact manager about service and access
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