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The Bell Newsletter

Edited and written by Max Bell School MPP students and Professor Andrew Potter, The Bell student newsletter provides short, accessible op-eds, interviews, and briefings looking at policy making both here in Canada and at a global level.

The newsletter explores innovative approaches to policy and lifts up conversations that deserve to be amplified.

The Bell was started in 2020 with the onset of COVID-19 while the world began to see just how complicated creating good policy truly was. The pandemic has since re-shaped the way we approach policy, especially now that we're nearing post-pandemic recovery.

The Bell showcases these lessons and looks forward to what is needed to support a just, equal, and inclusive society. Meanwhile, other long-standing policy issues have also remained unresolved. These include rising national debt, an aging population, severe gaps in social protection, and governance of the big tech giants.

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Andrew PotterEditor-in-Chief

Andrew Potter

Andrew Potter is an associate professor (professional) at the Max Bell School of Public Policy. A former journalist, between 2011 and 2016 Andrew Potter was managing editor and then editor in chief of the Ottawa Citizen, and from 2006 to 2011 he was a public affairs columnist for Maclean's Magazine. He is also a former Director of the McGill Institute for the Study of Canada. Potter is the author of The Authenticity Hoax: How We Get Lost Finding Ourselves, and the co-author, with Joseph Heath, of the best-selling book The Rebel Sell: Why the Culture Can't be Jammed.

2022-2023 Editorial Team


Gianna Formica

Gianna is an MPP candidate at the Max Bell School of Public Policy and Co-Editor of The Bell. Her interests include global affairs and political communications.


Aftab Ahmed

Aftab is an MPP candidate at the Max Bell School of Public Policy and Co-Editor of The Bell. With over 100 published commentaries for two leading Bangladeshi media outlets and as a Canadian banking professional, Aftab’s interests lie in foreign affairs, public service delivery and policy innovation in finance and economics.

Assistant Editor

Nicole Simineri

Nicole is an MPP candidate at the Max Bell School of Public Policy and an Assistant Editor at The Bell. With a background in law and finance, Nicole is excited to learn more about how the two intersect with public policy and especially with healthcare and taxation to progress policies in local communities.

Assistant Editor

Elisa Alloul

Elisa is an MPP Candidate at the Max Bell School of Public Policy and an Assistant Editor at The Bell, with prior experience in the non-profit field, the Ontario public service, and the Parliament of Canada. Elisa is especially interesting in global and educational policy.

Assistant Editor

Sokhema Sreang

Sokhema is an MPP candidate at the Max Bell School of Public Policy and an Assistant Editor at The Bell, with previous experience as a Staff Writer for the Catalyst Newsletter and Economic Intern at the UNDP. Her interests include issues pertaining to the Global South, and viewing issues of social justice with an EDI (Equity, Diversity and Inclusion) lens.

Marketing & Analytics Manager

Imani Thomas

Imani is an MPP Candidate at the Max Bell School of Public Policy and the Marketing and Analytics Manager at The Bell. With professional experience as a management consultant, her interests include public sector transformation, economic policy and innovation in policy design.

Production Manager

Jack Burnham

Jack is an MPP Candidate at the Max Bell School of Public Policy and a Production Manager at The Bell, after previously being a Junior Research Fellow at the NATO Association of Canada. His research interests include Canadian foreign policy, US politics, and international security. Jack hopes to contribute to the conversation around great power competition and emerging threats.

Production Manager

Hayley Krieger

Hayley is a cooperative master's candidate at Johns Hopkins SAIS (Masters of International Affairs) and McGill University’s Max Bell School of Public Policy (Master of Public Policy), and a Production Manager at The Bell. Previously, she was an AmeriCorps member with San Francisco Unified School District and a Peace Corps Volunteer in Peru. In the future, she would like to work on international policy and conflict resolution.

2021-2022 Editorial Team


Phaedra de Saint-Rome

Phaedra de Saint-Rome is a research assistant at the Centre for Media, Technology and Democracy, and her past professional experiences have included working in the Canadian House of Commons, at a variety of foundations, the United Nations, and her own digital media company. She is a dual Finnish-Canadian and is interested in the challenges and opportunities of policymaking at the global level, with a particular focus on digital technologies and geopolitics, platform governance, mis-/dis-information, and everything in between.


Jaclyn Victor

Jaclyn Victor has been serving with the Royal Canadian Navy (Reserve) since 2017 as a Naval Warfare Officer where she's worked in both administrative and technical roles. She has also spent time working as a researcher on the Canadian Election Misinformation Project, as well as in digital content. Having lived in Winnipeg, Calgary, and Montreal, her policy interests are varied but are generally centered around Canadian defence policy.


Jason Kreutz

Jason Kreutz has extensive community-based leadership and research experience spanning multiple disciplines and is passionate about exploring how evidence-based policy can uplift and empower communities. His interests are broad, including but not limited to economic, health, and foreign policy. Jason's investment in these policy areas is rooted in his desire to spur systemic change and create inclusive institutions that better meet the needs of underserved and marginalized communities


Shweta Menon

Shweta Menon hails from India and has worked as a journalist for both broadcast and print media, reporting on the injustices faced by people due to the inordinate delays of the Justice Delivery System. She has also worked as a Research Associate with a Member of Parliament in India which has given her an insight into the policy-making process of India. Apart from working on policies that would make people less ‘irrelevant’ post the advent of Artificial Intelligence, Shweta would like to specialise in making these policies gender inclusive.

2020-2021 Editorial Team 

Mariel AramburuEditor

Mariel Aramburu

Mariel Aramburu has several years of experience working in the public service for a Canadian province in cross-ministry, international, and intergovernmental files. She has also spent time in Washington, D.C. with the Inter-American Dialogue and in Panama with the United Nations World Food Programme. Mariel holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and International Development Studies from McGill University. She is a Mexican immigrant and a first-generation Canadian.

Emily NickersonEditor

Emily Nickerson

Emily Nickerson has spent several years working for Canadian non-profits in areas of international development, extractives, economic development, transparency, and inclusive decision-making. Emily’s passionate about promoting sustainable, inclusive growth, and ensuring that natural resources are well governed. Emily holds a degree in Water Resources Engineering at the University of Guelph and currently lives in Toronto.



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