What do Canadians want from their news?


Published: 30Oct2018

The Max Bell School of Public Policy commissioned a study examining whether or not there are significant differences in what facts Canadians believe, what media types they consume, and how much Canadians trust traditional media sources, compared to new ones. 

The research revealed that Canadians are divided on some issues by media consumption. However, Canadians do share a common set of facts about core political issues and Canadians broadly trust traditional news organizations. Canadians are also skeptical about government support for media organizations. 

The study was executed by the Loewen Lab at the Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy. It was conducted online using a sample provided by Qualtrics in September 2018. There were 2,245 English Canadian respondents, including English-speakers in Quebec and 452 French Quebecers. 

Respondents were asked how often they visit various Canadian news websites. They were divided on two dimensions: how much online news they consume overall, and whether they consume more left-wing, more right-wing news, or consume equal amounts of both.

The full results are available here

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