Policy & Data Science (PODS) Summer Program Showcase Event


Published: 23Aug2018

Training a new generation of data-driven policy analysts to tackle Canada’s policy problems such as the cannabis black market, cyber-privacy, and long-term care policies.

MONTREAL - Earlier this summer, seven McGill Arts students – with little to no knowledge of programming, data science, or data analysis – were selected from a pool of 250 applicants for the Policy & Data Science (PODS) Summer Program running from June to August.

With one month of classroom training, the Policy & Data Science (PODS) Fellows are now confidently analyzing and drawing conclusions from large and complex datasets working on policy issues such as black markets for cannabis, long-term care policies and options in Canada, and the protection of privacy and personal information governing data use by the City of Montreal.

On August 23, the Max Bell School of Public Policy and the Centre for Social and Cultural Data Science will be celebrating the PODS Fellows at a closing event. Media are invited to attend to learn more about the Policy & Data Science Summer Program, and hear directly from the fellows about the pressing policy issues they tackled this summer.

What: Policy & Data Science Summer Program Showcase and Closing Event

When: Thursday, August 23, 2018 – 6 to 8pm

Where: 5 Place Ville Marie - BDC Building, 2nd Floor Bistro, Montréal, Québec H3B 5E7

The increasing availability of large data sets in every sector of industry and government has created exciting and urgent opportunities for policy-oriented data analysis. These opportunities are widely unrealized, due in large part to the lack of individuals trained to work at the interface of policy and computational analysis.  To meet this demand and train a new generation of data-powered policy analysts, the Max Bell School of Public Policy and the Centre for Social and Cultural Data Sciencecollaborated to launch Policy & Data Science (PODS) Summer Program.

Food and drinks will be provided.

Please RSVP by contacting Nicholas Salter at nicholas.salter [at] mcgill.ca or 514-398-7478.

More about some of the PODS Fellows:

Aliya Allen-Valley, a recent graduateinJointHonoursin Political Science and International Development, is able to pursue her passion for health policy at the McGill Observatory for Health and Social Services (MOHSSR), where she is researching Long Term Care policies and options in Canada.

Dexter Docherty, a recent McGillHonoursHistory graduate with a passion for youth criminal justice reform,isworking with the Institute for Research on Public Policy. He is mapping black markets for cannabis across Canada and analyzing the current federal government efforts towards legalization.

Marine Colon de Franciosi, a senior McGill Economics student,isworking withSmartCity/VilleIntelligenteof Montreal/Laboratoired'innovationurbainede Montréalto analyze the recent Open Data Policy and its implications for privacy and protection of personal information.

Can’t attend? Fellows are available for interviews.

Contact Information

Nicholas Salter
Max Bell School of Public Policy
nicholas.salter [at] mcgill.ca
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