The Dean of Shandong: In Conversation with Daniel A. Bell

Published: 12 October 2023

October 12, 2023 | On October 10, Daniel A. Bell visited the Max Bell School of Public Policy to give an insightful discussion on his book, The Dean of Shandong. Professor Bell has a distinguished career as a political theorist who has attempted to understand and to convey to English-speaking audiences, the role that Confucianism has had in explaining many developments in Chinese society and politics. This visit was presented by the Katharine A. Pearson Chair in Civil Society and Public Policy. 

During his talk, he reflected on his role as the first non-Chinese academic to become the Dean of a Faculty of Political Science and Public Policy at Shandong University. He spoke on his experience as what he calls “a minor bureaucrat,” offering an inside account of the background of Chinese academia and what it entails about China’s political system.  

Daniel A. Bell presented his book in a discussion with Professor Daniel Weinstock, Professor Juan Wang and Professor Carlos Fraenkel. They discussed various topics on Bell’s experience, from intersectionality, culture, competitive academic meritocracy, and more. Members of the McGill community were also able to join the discussion. 


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