From Diagnosis to Policy Solutions in Sweden: The Necessity of Policy Experts

18 Jun 2020

Max Bell School MPP student Eunice Mercado-Lara examines the Swedish government's response to the pandemic, and how their situation demonstrates the indispensable role of of policy experts during...

Max Bell School Announces Policy Scholars Program

10 Jun 2020

With the summer term now underway, the Max Bell School of Public Policy is preparing to graduate its inaugural cohort of Master of Public Policy students. This year, the School is thrilled to...

Tackling the challenges of remote learning

5 Jun 2020

In a normal context, remote learning can be challenging. Moving a program online in two weeks amid a global pandemic involves a whole new set of obstacles.  

Video: Looking Through the Retro-Scope

29 May 2020

In this webinar, Christy Clark elaborates on past governmental shortcomings, and how in anticipation of a second wave, we must do better to learn from past mistakes.

Video: Implementing Financial Sector Policy Reforms in Africa

27 May 2020

Dr. Ernest Addison shares his expertise on how the Bank of Ghana stabilised the Ghanaian economy and institutionalised financial sector reforms after the detrimental effects of the 2008 Financial...

Isolating an Entire Community: Lessons Learned from Remote States

26 May 2020

Sebastian Muermann, a graduate student at Max Bell's MPP program, weighs up the advantages and disadvantages of isolated nations during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Video: Monitoring Health Systems Responses

22 May 2020

In this webinar, Dr. Amélie Quesnel-Vallée comments on the diversity of health system responses to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Misinformation, Transparency, and Communications during the COVID-19 Pandemic

22 May 2020

To begin winding up our Policy Challenges During a Pandemic Series, we will be releasing several articles that summarize some of the most pressing topics in public policy during the COVID-19 crisis...

Briefing: Partisan Politics During a Pandemic: From Consensus to Conflict

20 May 2020

In this briefing, Tasha Kheiriddin examines the different ways in which COVID-19 has shifted political partisanship and unity efforts around the world.



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