The nation’s policy makers showed me what it takes to tackle complex problems

16 Jan 2023

MPP alumni Raúl Scorza Figueroa reflects on his trip to Ottawa to learn about the policy making process.

Reflections from the Hill

16 Jan 2023

The partisan divide on Parliament Hill is a cause for concern, but hope remains to bridge the gap, writes MPP Linda Bùi.

Shaping the Arc of History Through Policy

16 Jan 2023

MPP Aftab Ahmed learns what it means for policy makers to provide "fearless advice and loyal implementation” on Parliament Hill.

Ottawa From an American Perspective

16 Jan 2023

The Question Period is exciting, but doesn't provide many answers, says MPP Gianna Formica.

Making Meaningful Policies Through Engagement

16 Jan 2023

Former Legislative Assistant, Elisa Alloul, revisits Parliament Hill as a 2023 Master of Public Policy candidate.


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