Ken Boessenkool

Alberta's newly minted UCP cabinet will need to lead Premier Smith | CBC

Published: 22Nov2022

October 26, 2022 | In the opinion column by Prof Ken Boessenkool, he  highlighted how the head of lettuce is connected to Alberta's new cabinet. The first 10 days of Danielle Smith's premiership in...

Moving Fast in Canada's Social Services Sector

22 Nov 2021

Ken Boessenkool on how shifting the way that the social services sector operates could accelerate a societal shift to wellbeing and stop emerging social issues before they begin.

Federal election outcome could be unpredictable amid 4th wave, say strategists | CBC Radio

Published: 16Aug2021

August 15, 2021 | On Sunday, Justin Trudeau met with Governor General Mary Simon and asked her to dissolve Parliament, setting in motion Canada's 44th federal election. But with a fourth wave of...

Ken Boessenkool: Crossing the line | The Line

Published: 1Oct2020

June 9, 2021 | In this opinion piece in The Line, Ken Boessenkool reflects on the recent Islamophobic killings in London, Ontario. Read the article.

Conservative strategist argues for carbon tax as path to smaller government | Energi Media

Published: 26Apr2021

June 1, 2020 | For years, carbon taxation has been anathema to Canada's conservatives. But, in a recent piece for our MAX Policy series, Ken Boessenkool argued that a price on pollution could help...

Higgs income tax cut signals a shift in Conservative carbon policy, say economists | CBC News

Published: 17May2021

May 27, 2021 | In this article by CBC News, Max Bell School professor Ken Boessenkool expresses support for the burgeoning conservative movement to translate carbon pricing revenues into lower...

Why Is It So Hard to Implement Good Policy? | The Agenda

25 May 2021

On this episode of The Agenda with Steve Paikin, hear from Max Bell School professor Ken Boessenkool on strategies for ensuring that good science and research end up being translated into effective...

Ken Boessenkool: Finally, a credible Conservative climate plan — now over to Kenney and Ford | National Post

Published: 26Apr2021

April 19, 2021 | Your move, Kenney and Ford. Max Bell School professor Ken Boessenkool believes the Albertan and Ontarian premiers can design their own—superior—provincial plans by using carbon...

Liberals should drive daycare improvements, not redo system, report says | Times Colonist

Published: 9Apr2021

March 30, 2021 | This Times Colonist article examines a recent C.D. Howe Institute report, co-authored by Max Bell School professor Ken Boessenkool. Read about the report's proposal for improving...



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