Socialist (In)security: The Politics of Pensions in Communist and Post-Communist Russia


Twentieth-century Eastern European socialist economies promised comprehensive welfare benefits “from the cradle to the grave,” including generous state pensions, and had some of the lowest pension...

All Zoom, All the Time: Reflections on Moving Civil Society Online


The institutions of civil society (unions, religious institutions, "the arts", etc..) perform a vital function in the life of liberal democracies. It's no surprise that it is one of the first...

Policy Lecture with Yann Allard-Tremblay


What would it mean to reconcile the sovereignty of the Crown with the pre-existence of Indigenous societies and what are our responsibilities in this matter?/maxbellschoolCategory: Public lectures...

Policy Making and China with Howard Balloch


Canada’s China Policy: Drawing on his more than 35 years of diplomatic and business experience in and with China, Howard Balloch will discuss the policy challenges posed by a rapidly changing China...

The Institute for Research on Public Policy joins the Max Bell School Policy Scholars Program

Published: 2Jul2020

Three Policy Scholars, selected from the Max Bell School MPP class of 2020, will receive research fellowships with prominent Canadian policy think tanks....

Fake news preys on emotions, expert warns

Published: 23Sep2019

August 10, 2019| Beware of things you see online that make you emotional, one media expert warns ahead of the fall election.  Taylor Owen, professor at McGill University and the co-creator of the...

Canadians' media-consumption habits lead to misinformation, study finds

Published: 23Sep2019

August 7, 2019 | Canadians aren’t as divided into partisan echo chambers as social media would suggest, but a heavy news diet doesn't guarantee you'll be informed, a new study has found....

Canadian polarized, but social media use likely not the culprit: study

Published: 23Sep2019

September 12, 2019 | Social media might not be to blame for Canadians’ ideological polarization, a new report on digital democracy in Canada finds. “A lot of people don’t use social media very...

Canada’s COVID-19 recovery plan | The Current

Published: 7Jul2020

By how much will the pandemic cause federal spending to rise? How much revenue are we expecting to lose? And how will the Canadian government manage their debt and avoid a financial emergency? As...



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