Q&A with Michèle Turenne

16 Jun 2021

Michèle Turenne, on behalf of the Commission des droits de la personne et des droits de la jeunesse, responds to thoughtful questions from the attendees of our Racial Profiling in Policing conference.

Building a Systemic Lens: Widening the Gaze on Racial Profiling

16 Jun 2021

MPP candidate James Samimi Farr weighs in on the need for a systemic perspective of racial profiling.

How Joel DeBellefeuille Changed Quebec’s Understanding of Racial Profiling

16 Jun 2021

MPP candidate Adele Brawley writes about the impact of Joel DeBellefeuille's impact on Quebec's paradigm on racial profiling.

Racial Profiling and Policing: To Serve and Protect Whom?

15 Jun 2021

MPP candidate Rebecca Charles breaks down some of the highlights of the Max Bell School's Racial Profiling in Policing conference.

McCall MacBain Scholar to Join the Max Bell School's Master of Public Policy Program

31 May 2021

Incoming Max Bell School MPP student Caroline Merner is one of the twenty leaders selected out of 735 applications for the first class of McCall MacBain Scholars at McGill University

Max Bell School MPP Program Nabs Two Mastercard Foundation Scholars

31 May 2021

This year, Max Bell School at McGill University has attracted not one, but two Mastercard Foundation Scholars, Fanuel Sbhatu Gebremeske and Juma Omala. Hailing respectively from Ethiopia and Kenya,...

Paisley Sim: COVID-19 Policy Stringency across Provinces

6 May 2021

Provincial policy responses and outcomes have been highly divergent and the coordination benefits of federalism have been unevenly leveraged.



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