Credible Policy Engagement

Helping researchers find their policy voice

This pillar is aimed at bridging the disconnect between existing policymakers and policy-minded academics. More and deeper interaction between the two groups is essential to building such a bridge, with the valuable flow of information and perspectives in both directions.

Policy dialogues

Toward this end, the Max Bell School will sponsor a regular series of “innovative policy dialogues”, bringing together academics, government officials, members of civil society, and business people. These one-day dialogues will be aimed at discussing a specific policy problem, analysing whether existing policies are adequately addressing the problem, and developing new and innovative policy solutions. Such dialogues will benefit from many different perspectives, they will be an important resource for the School’s researchers, and they will be an excellent forum in which our students can observe valuable interaction and debate.

Research support

A second part of bridging this disconnect involves supporting the School’s researchers in finding and expressing their policy voice. Given their academic independence and professional expertise, policy-minded academics can be very effective advocates of specific policy approaches—provided they can assemble a dedicated organization with appropriate resources in order to communicate their ideas effectively. The Max Bell School will assist its affiliated academics in creating small, purpose-built organizations to conduct background research and promote and communicate practical policy solutions to specific problems.

Three panel image of a jar filled with dried items, a light rail train and windmills

Policy Lab 2020

A series of policy reports by our first class of MPP students on the circular economy, power purchase agreements, Canada's legal Cannabis industry, Canadian innovation policies, public transit, and affordable housing. 


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