MAUT is more than a membership - we are your community!


MAUT Membership

The Facts


  • a champion of collegiality
  • not a union

MAUT contributes to the quality of your academic life by

  • continually striving to safeguard and increase your salary, benefits, and pension.
  • providing information on salaries, merit practices, promotion and tenure applications
  • sponsoring workshops and open topical forums
  • representing your interests in interactions with the university administration, formulating and improving the regulations governing your activities in the classroom, laboratory, office and elsewhere
  • working to guarantee fair policies on many topics, including grievance, sick leave, parental leave, early retirement, sabbaticals, job security, and even some aspects of your life after retirement
  • communicating with governments in Quebec and Ottawa in support of higher education
  • working with other Faculty Associations across the country to promote and maintain the fundamental and essential concepts of academic freedom and the right of academics to determine central issues in the functioning of Canadian universities

We Need You!

  • the cost of membership is small and tax-deductible, coming to approximately 0.25% of your salary. (As of Sep. 1, 2017, full member dues are 0.58% of annual salary.)
  • your membership will assist morally and financially to increase the effectiveness of our representation on your behalf
  • by participating actively, you will add to the number and strength of ways in which MAUT can work effectively to improve life for all academics
  • unlike the majority of faculty associations in Canada, MAUT is not a union requiring everyone to pay dues. We are an association dedicated to collegial behaviour, at all levels of the university

Please do your share. A strong faculty association benefits everyone within the academic community. MAUT's ability to create a better working environment and a better university depends on the number of people supporting our efforts. Your friends and colleagues working on committees volunteer their time for this purpose; even if you don't have the time to volunteer at this time, just by joining MAUT you will be lending your support to the individuals and the organization working on your behalf.

Advantages of Membership

Joining MAUT provides you with an array of additional benefits:

  • We keep you informed of important events, activities, and debates related to university affairs at the local, provincial, national and international levels, through the MAUT Newsletter, news from FQPPU and CAUT, and also through general meetings, special retreats, workshops and conferences. You can also receive copies of all reports generated by our MAUT committees.
  • You will have a voice, through voting rights in elections, meetings, surveys and conferences.
  • You can express your views through your MAUT representatives, or you can be involved and actively participate in university affairs by becoming a member of a MAUT committee, Council, or Executive.
  • You can make a difference.
  • You can receive advice. We provide advice to staff members on how to succeed within the McGill community, and how to deal with difficult issues before they become a serious problem.
    • MAUT has an experienced group of faculty members who serve as Advisors, providing counsel on academic matters, merit, promotion, reappointment, and tenure.
    • Our Advisors also help colleagues deal with more extensive academic problems, and will provide advice on issues such as denial of tenure, harassment, or conflict of interest, and will attend grievance, appeal and arbitration hearings to ensure fair representation on behalf ot their colleague.
    • If you have a work-related problem or concerns about your career progress, you can also receive advice at any time from our Professional and Legal Officer, free of charge. He will assist in all matters relating to your conditions of employment, including preparation of your dossier for tenure.
    • All consultations are provided free of charge as part of the benefits of being a member of MAUT, and are entirely confidential.
  • You can receive legal assistance in times of difficulty. Our MAUT Professional and Legal Officer is qualified to provide professional advice regarding disciplinary procedures and grievance. Membership also provides access to subsidized legal assistance at reduced cost (approximately 75% less than the private fee) from experienced CAUT lawyers, to deal with serious problems such as dismissal, restriction of academic freedom, denial of tenure, non-renewal of contracts, and discrimination.
  • Other advantages to membership include group insurance and travel packages through CAUT, special rates for membership in local organizations such as MAAA, and rental discounts.
  • We also organize our own conferences and workshops to provide useful information and financial advice on issues such as rules on retirement, McGill pension plans and how these relate to outside investments such as RRSPs and LIFs.

Who Can Join

  • Full Member: Anyone with an academic appointment* at McGill, with duties equal to or greater than half of a regular full-time appointment (contract, tenure track, or tenured). Dues are currently 0.58% of your salary and are fully deductible, effectively reducing the actual cost to approximately half of that amount. 
  • Associate Member: Anyone with an academic appointment at McGill, with duties less than half of a regular full-time appointment. Dues are currently fixed at $190 per year, and are fully deductible.
  • Retired Member: Anyone who has retired from an academic appointment at McGill, who was either a full or an associate member at the time of retirement.  The annual membership fee is $5 payable by cheque to MAUT. 
  • Additional membership details can be found in the MAUT Constitution.


*Not included in a collective agreement

One Year Fee Holiday for New MAUT Members

New to McGill or MAUT? New members can benefit at no cost for the first year of membership, irrespective of whether you join in your first year at McGill or at a later time.  Thus, once you join, you can receive the Newsletter and the mailing list announcements, attend meetings and participate in MAUT activities free for the first year, after which time normal dues will be charged unless you tell us otherwise.

Membership Application

Apply online or download the membership application form.  Should you have any questions, please contact  membership.maut [at] (Jo-Anne Watier), Membership Engagement Officer.