March 29, 2020

Dear students,

We hope this message finds you well given the issue of the coronavirus and forced social distancing. We hope everyone is getting ready to start online classes on March 30 and finish the semester, together but apart.

We just wanted to send a quick hello from the mathematics and statistics department, and send a puzzle too! (See below.) This is taken from our Pi Day Collaborative Puzzle Solving event that we had to cancel -- we'll have it in the next academic year, at an appropriate pi-related date (lucky for us there are many digits of pi to choose from for such a date). Not to worry, there will be 74 other puzzles for us to solve together so plenty more left. I'm sending you one that is not too difficult, since we are in difficult times.

This time has also been one when many of us reflect on our lives -- if you have been reflecting on our department and would like to share some feedback with us, we have a new online suggestion box you can use, the link is in the last paragraph of this webpage! (The rest of that page is still in development, but the form itself is live).

We wish good health and success to all of you and your loved ones!

Rosalie Bélanger-Rioux for the Mathematics and Statistics Department



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