Peer Mentor "Buddy" Program


  • Help new students to more smoothly transition into their degree program, student life at McGill, and Montreal
  • Build stronger relationships between upper-class and new students in the Mathematics and Statistics Major community
  • Provide peer support on a student-to-student level and to inform/refer mentees to appropriate resources (i.e.: Advisors, Help Desk, campus activities, etc.).
  • Time Commitment of Participation: Mentor Buddies are expected to be in touch with their mentee(s) at least twice a semester

Information for Mentor Buddies:

Who Are Mentor Buddies?

  • Volunteer Upper level (U2 and above) undergraduate students who are enrolled in a Major, Honours, or Joint degree affiliated with Mathematics and Statistics, and have a desire to help their peers in the same program
  • Have a minimum CGPA of 3.0
  • Be currently involved in at least one mathematics/statistics extracurricular activity (including, but not limited to, student groups, councils, clubs, tutor/grader, summer research)

Benefits for Mentor Buddies

  • Serve as a role model for new Mathematics and Statistics Majors through sharing your experiences while practicing your mentoring skills
  • Gain leadership skills through working with others in a peer-support capacity
  • Connect with and support the student life of the Department
  • Increase your confidence and motivation
  • Engage in a volunteering opportunity, valued by employers and graduate schools
  • Benefit from a sense of fulfillment and personal growth

Interested in applying as a "Mentor Buddy"?

Click here to apply by Sunday, September 5th, 2021 11:59pm

Information for Mentee Buddies:

Who Are Mentee Buddies?

  • U0 and U1 students who are interested in a Major, Honours, or Joint degree affiliated with Mathematics and Statistics

Benefits for Mentee Buddies

  • Build connections with a peer who has been through similar experiences
  • Feel supported
  • Meet new people and expand your McGill network
  • Learn about the Department, the University, and its resources/services
  • Get your questions answered by someone who has recently experienced similar situations

Are you a New Student wanting to connect with a Peer Mentor?

Click here to apply as a "Mentee Buddy" by Sunday, September 5th, 2021 11:59pm

For any questions pertaining to the application process or the program, please contact Prof. Jessica Lin: jessica.lin [at]  

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