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- McGill’s Coronavirus Website:

The University has created a centralized website with the most up-to-date information concerning policies and resources related to the COVID-19 pandemic.


  •  As per announcements from the Government of Quebec, procedural masks must now be worn in all shared, indoor spaces on McGill campuses, including but not limited to Teaching and Study Hubs, shared offices, labs, classrooms, hallways, elevators, and bathrooms. This measure also applies to residences and rental buildings, and took effect Monday, February 8.

    As noted in our email last week, the University will provide procedural masks to any staff, Faculty, or student coming to our campuses.Individuals who would prefer to bring their own procedural masks will be permitted to do so. 

    The University is currently developing a long-term plan for local mask distribution at the unit level, but in the meantime, masks are available at active Teaching Hubs, Study Hubs (for Study Hub users), in residences (for residents and residence staff) and at a large number of higher traffic buildings across our campuses. If you are in a low-traffic or rental building, you will need to visit the closest distribution point to pick up the necessary procedural masks.

    To find out where procedural masks are currently available and which distribution point is closest to you, visit the following list of McGill’s mask distribution locations.

    It is important to note that all McGill buildings are currently designated as “card access only” and therefore doors are locked. Individuals must knock at the door or follow signage instructions if they do not have card access to the building. If you encounter issues acquiring masks at the mask distribution points listed, please call 514-398-3731 for assistance.

    If desired, procedural masks can be layered underneath a cloth mask (forming a “double mask”). However, a procedural mask should not be layered underneath a second procedural mask, or over or under an N95.

    Clear masks are available to accommodate those who are hard-of-hearing and/or rely on lip-reading for communication. Requests for clear masks can be sent to McGill’s rachel.desjourdy [at] (Accessibility Advisor).


- McGill’s Operational Status:

McGill’s Operational Status website provides the most up-to-date information about what is/is not open and running on campus:



- Remote Student Life Resources:

Find resources and information to help you navigate McGill from your living room—whether you're an undergraduate or graduate student, living in Montreal or across the globe.



- Self-Quarantine Resources:

All travellers entering Canada from abroad are required to quarantine for a 14-day period. The university a number of resources to help you prepare and get through your quarantine.



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