Xifeng Gao, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, NYU


Room 3195, Pav. André-Aisenstadt, CA

Robust Volumetric Mesh Generation and Processing.

Simulations with high fidelity play an essential role in many disciplines, such as computer graphics and computer-aided engineering. For more than 30 years, volumetric meshing, i.e. discretizing the interior of an object, has been the bottleneck of high-quality simulations. In practice, a large amount of time is spent on manually creating and repairing meshes. In this talk, I propose the first fully robust solution to generate volumetric meshes to meet different requirements for simulations, which were elusive for several decades. The solution is designed to automatically generate and process high-quality unstructured (tetrahedral) meshes, semi-structured (hexahedral-dominant) meshes, and structured (pure hexahedral) meshes. The results of my research projects are reproducible and publicly accessible for people from both academic institutes and companies.

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