About our Alumni


Lucas Marrone, B.Eng. Materials Co-op Program


My work term at Alphacasting allowed me to see firsthand how the concepts we learn in class are applied by industry. More...

Kim Tetley-Gerard
Junior Engineer

The program prepares you for a wide variety of careers under the umbrella of “materials engineering”.  More…

Gabriel Gagnon, B.Eng. (2011), McGill Materials Co-op Program
Senior Metallurgist

I graduated in 2011 from McGill Materials Engineering Coop program. The four years that I attended McGill, I had a blastMore…

Xiaolin Lou
QA Metallurgist
Ivaco Rolling Mills

During my undergraduate studies, I was able to apply the theoretical knowledge from my studies and gain practical experience throughout the work-terms, field trips, projects and experiments. More...

Geremi Vespa
Brewing Engineer
Laporte Experts Conseils

My engineering training at McGill gave me the skills to succeed in a broad range of careers and I owe a large part of my success to the materials engineering faculty and staff.  More...

Kevin Han (Class of 2014)
Founder, Made in 3D
B.Eng Materials Engineering and Chemistry

During my four years studying materials engineering, I struggled to come up with a good answer to “What do you do in materials engineering?”   More....

Magda Zydzik, B.Eng (Materials Coop Program), AREVO Inc.

The Materials Engineering Coop Program at McGill enabled me to get to where I wanted to be - pushing the technical boundaries of our materials and processes today to create for tomorrow that which was not possible yesterday. More...

Theodore Klironomos
Junior Engineer
Material & Processes Core Engineering Unit
Bombardier Aerospace

During my bachelor's degree I enjoyed our cohesive and small class size that bonded through tough work and we are still in contact today.   More...

Louis-Philippe Fortin Burroughes
Alvarez & Marsal Business Consulting

As a business consultant, I am presented with a variety of challenging engagements…. Sound fun? You bet it is!  More...


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