Pyrometallurgical Processing

Professors working in this area include:


We are currently focusing our efforts in building a high temperature metallurgical processing and extraction.

Our vision is to contribute in the efforts against climate change and for a circular economy aiming at 100 % material utilization.

Our philosphy is to understand pyrometallurgical processes as a context of lab-scale experimentation, industrial plant data and state of the art modeling.

In the context of CO2 Mitigation we intend to study the applicability of concentrated solar power - which can be simulated for example through Xe short arc lamps at laboratory scale - and micorwave heating with regard to a endothermic gas-solid processes and carbothermic reduction processes. These heating systems are to be experimentally studied through coupling with a lab-scale fluidized bed, i.e. an excellent reactor for gas-solid processes.

Also in the context of CO2 mitigation we study processes for capturing CO2 from industrial processes, such as the Calcium looping process for the cement industry, with the aim of producing a pure CO2 stream for sequestration or utilization.

With regard to Waste Stream Utilization & recycling, efforts will be based on the utilization of a lab-scale Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) / Submerged Arc Furnace (SAF). Processes studied are based on oxide reduction and aim to the treatments of tailings, slags, ashes and materials to be recycled at their end of life such as batteries.

We further focus on process optimization through thermodynamical process modeling and flowsheeting with use of dedicated software. We cooperate with industry with regard to pyrometallurgical fluidized bed processing in the context of non-ferrous metals and in the context of FeSi (ferrosilicon) production.

Further aspects of primary metallurgy that attract our research attention include the tacking of the trend of concentrate grade in ores and concentrates are becoming worse, while impurities are on the rise.