Nano Materials

Professors working in this area include:

TEM cross-section of a nanowire field-effect-transistor

Research in nano materials focuses on exploiting unique, beneficial, materials properties at the nano scale. At this scale, about 1/10,000th of a human hair, properties not associated with bulk materials appear, including those associated with larger surface-to-volume ratios and quantum confinement effects. Large-scale nano materials also possess improved strength, which make them attractive for several structural applications. Research on nano materials is centered in the labs of Professors Mathieu Brochu and Nate Quitoriano.

Professor Brochu's research focuses on the development and engineering of processes to manufacture, join and freeform bulk nano materials aimed at structural applications. The structural nano material work utilizes short duration, high energy pulse processes.

Professor Bevan's research group explores nanoscale electronic materials and devices. This is accomplished through the application and development of technology computer aided design (TCAD) methods. The ultimate goal of this research is to drive the design and discovery of new technologies through electronic design automation (EDA).  Topics of research in nanomaterials include: interconnects, solid-state memory devices, transistors, solar fuels, and Li-ion battery materials.

Professor Quitoriano's research focuses on developing semiconductor devices at the nano scale including semiconductor nano wires and other nano structures especially to pursue sensors. Semiconductor nano wires offer larger surface to volume ratios and small masses necessary for field-effect and differential mass sensors.

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