Mineral Processing

Professors working in this area include:

Mineral processing is of paramount importance to the way we live our lives, as witnessed by the amount of metal that is encountered everyday. As the world’s economies grow, the demand for metals and other mined products increases. However, while demand is increasing, the amount of mineral in ores is decreasing placing greater emphasis on efficient mineral extraction and recovery. The role of mineral processing is to utilise current knowledge to improve recovery processes, and to develop new processes which meet strict environmental standards. At McGill University, Professor Jim Finch and Professor Kriss Waters are working in these areas, with specific research interests including:

  • Air dispersion in flotation machines
  • Self-heating characteristics of sulphide minerals
  • Novel solvent extraction methods
  • Froth and foam characterisation
  • Flotation machine developments
  • Physico-chemical properties of minerals
  • Gravity separation
  • Particle tracking in mineral processing


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