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Fall 2021 Supplemental Course Lecturer Posting

Deadline to apply: August 23, 2021

The Department of Mining and Materials Engineering is inviting applications for the following supplemental course lecturer position to teach in Fall 2021.

Please note that given the planned resumption of in-person teaching activities, most courses will be taught in person. Exams may however need to be administered remotely depending, mainly on the size of the class. Course Lecturers will be required to plan accordingly. Should government restrictions prohibit the resumption of in-person teaching, courses will revert to remote teaching. In the event of such a change, Course Lecturers will be advised without delay. Course Lecturers may be required to prepare and deliver teaching material suited to a remote/online teaching environment using a virtual learning platform [e.g., Zoom, WebEx] and the McGill MyCourses learning management system. Training and assistance on remote teaching is available through Teaching and Learning Services (TLS). Course Lecturers are encouraged to record their lectures.

MIME 262 Properties of materials in electrical engineering

This shared position covers approximately 69% (27 hours) of this course

Overview: Mining and Materials Engineering: Properties of a Continuum of Materials and Crystalline State; properties of atoms in materials; conduction electrons in materials; electronic properties of semiconductors and metals; magnetic and thermal properties of materials; applications of electronic materials in semiconductor technology, recording media and transducers.

When applying, please include your Cover Letter and Curriculum Vitae.

You must apply through WORKDAY. For detailed instructions, click on the appropriate link below.

For External candidates (not a current employee at McGill) see the instructions HERE / (Français)

For Internal candidates (currently employed at McGill - you must be connected to the VPN), see the instructions HERE / (Français)

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