Hire for September

  • Student Level: Students have been at McGill for 4 or 5 years.
  • Co-op duration: 13-16 weeks is required.  Please note that most senior students work from May-December so not as many senior students are available for September.  Senior students generally return to classes in January after the May-December or September-December work terms.
  • Course Background: Students have successfully completed courses on Structure of Materials, Introduction to Extractive Metallurgy, Mineral Processing, Thermodynamics, Heat, Mass and Fluid Flow, Phase Transformation in Materials (Solidification, Heat Treatment, Phase Diagrams), Extractive Metallurgy, Modeling and Automatic Control, Modeling and Control:  Mineral Processing, Hydrometallurgy, Steelmaking and Steel Processing (Alloy Design, Heat Treatment, Shaping), Mechanical Properties of Materials (Strength, Deformation), Ceramics (Processing-Microstructure-Property Relationship), Electronic Properties of Materials, Polymer Engineering, Analytical and Characterization Techniques (AA, ICP, X-Ray, E-Beam), Advanced Process Design, Various Technical Electives specific to extractive metallurgy, materials engineering, corrosion and fabrication.
  • Approximate number of students available: 10-15
  • When to post: Optimally, post 2-4 months ahead of start date, by July 1st. Please post early because a student’s first job offer is accepted; there is no ranking process.
  • Post jobs here
  • Assistance for posting a position: careers4engineers [at] mcgill.ca (Careers4Engineers )
  • Schedule Interviews: genevieve.snider [at] mcgill.ca (Genevieve Snider)
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