Evaluation of Student

Thank you for employing and mentoring our students.

The supervisor’s feedback is always welcome throughout the work term to help the student develop professionalism, gain skills and offer maximum quality contributions and efficiency to the company.

There is no formal mid-term evaluation form for the co-op supervisor to submit however we do encourage supervisors to provide on-going feedback to the student. There is a required formal final evaluation form to complete that forms 20% of the student’s grade for the co-op work term.

Here is the procedure:

1) The student is responsible for giving the evaluation form to the co-op supervisor.

2) The co-op supervisor completes the form and returns it to the student by the following deadlines:

May-August Co-op Internship: August 15th

September-December Co-op Internship: December 15th

January-April Co-op Internship: April 15th

3) As a course requirement, the student must submit the completed evaluation form on-line in the McGill system (MyCourses) on time by the following deadlines:

May-August Co-op Internship: August 30th

September-December Co-op Internship: December 30th

January-April Co-op Internship: April 30th

We thank all employers in advance for their time and effort involved in training and evaluating these potential future engineers.


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