Experiential Learning/Internships

The McGill Mastercard Foundation (MCF) Transitions Project provides experiential learning/internship opportunities to facilitate the transition of MCF Scholars and Alumni into the workforce for impact in Africa and globally.

Please, see Internship Opportunities available to MCF Scholars/Alumni through the McGill MCF Transitions Project, in collaboration with the Career Advising and Transition Services (CATS) from McGill’s School of Continuing Studies (SCS).

The MCF Internship Award

MCF Scholars/Alumni who are successfully placed in internships through the McGill MCF Transitions Project are paid an MCF Internship Award for their full-time or part-time internship. For more information, please visit the FAQs on Experiential Learning/Internships.

You are required to participate in the McGill MCF-TP internship onboarding modules in order to be eligible to partake in the McGill MCF-TP internships. The next onboarding modules starts on Wednesday July 27, 2022. 

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