FAQs on Experiential Learning/Internships

I am interested in the McGill MCF-TP internship placement. Where do I see the internship positions and opportunities to apply?

Please, visit Internship Opportunities for internship positions offered by the McGill MCF-TP for MCF Scholars/Alumni.

Is there a deadline to apply?

Applications for internships are accepted on a rolling basis, based on the needs of the host organization.

Are the Internship paid?

MCF Scholars/Alum who are successfully placed in the McGill MCF-TP internships are paid an MCF Internship Award for their full-time or part-time placement.

How do I receive my internship stipend?

The internship stipend in Canadian Dollars will be sent to your bank account that you provide on your McGill Minerva profile. Please, note that you can only input a Canadian bank account on McGill Minerva. If you are currently outside of Canada, we can also wire the US Dollar equivalent of your stipend to your local bank account. However, please ensure you discuss and confirm with your local bank that your bank account is approved to receive international wire payments. Once your internship stipend is sent, we do not control over any cross-border policies put in place by your local bank.

I am a current/graduating student; can I apply for the McGill MCF-TP internships?

The McGill MCF-TP prioritizes placement for Scholar Alums and Graduating Scholars as they transition to the world of work and for impact. Current Scholars (i.e. still enrolled as students) who are interested in the McGill MCF-TP internship must get approval in writing from an MCF advisor before starting their internship application. Kindly, CC mcf-transitions [at] mcgill.ca in your email communication with your MCF Advisor. The MCF Team can approve or deny placement of current Scholars based on academic standing and progress.

I have applied for an internship position, what is next?

Thank you for applying. We will contact you for a preliminary interview. If you are successful in the interview, your application will be forwarded to the host organization for final interviewing and selection. We will do our best to keep applicants updated. However, please note that the host organization may only contact selected applicants.

How long is the duration of the internship?

Both part-time and full-time internship placements begin with a 2-month contract, extendable up to 12 months. Internship extension is based on both the approval of the host organization and the McGill MCF-TP team. While we hope that the professional experience and references gained through the internship placement lead to a full-time employment opportunity, the host organizations reserves the right to extend the internship, convert the internship to a job, or offer references for employment opportunities.

Are part-time internship positions allowed?

Yes, part-time internships can be negotiated with the host organization. This may be particularly applicable to Graduating Scholars or Alums looking to change careers, for example, for enabling them to focus on working for impact in Africa.

What other benefits are there for me a McGill MCF-TP intern?

Interns benefit from a range of programmings such as:

  1. Mentorship from the McGill Community for Lifelong Learning (MCLL)- Africa Study Group.
  2. Career advising and professional development from the McGill Career Advising and Transitions Services (CATS) workshops/webinars
  3. Internship check-ins from the McGill MCF-TP team
  4. Access to Professional Development Courses (PDC) offered by the McGill School of Continuing Studies (SCS).
  5. Professional development events, networking, and career advancement opportunity.

Additionally, all interns are enrolled in YCGL 418 – 003: Experiential Service Learning to facilitate their access to McGill resources through the School of Continuing Studies (SCS). Interns are also encouraged the make maximum use of any career development support available to them through the host organization.

Changes in employment status: I have just landed another employment offer that I have decided to pursue? What do I do?

Congratulations on the employment opportunity! Interns are required to notify the McGill MCF-TP team if any changes occur in their employment status during their internship. This requirement is needed to ensure that relationships and deliverables are well managed, ensuring smooth transitions for both the intern and the host organization. We urge interns to continue to maintain good relationships with their supervisors even after their internship has ended. Remember, your internship host might serve as a reference for future career related opportunities.

I am currently participating in the McGill MCF-TP internship; Am I eligible for the McGill MCF Transitions Fund (MCF-TF)?

Yes, Scholars/Alums participating in the McGill MCF-TP internships are eligible to apply for the McGill MCF-TF. Some interns have also collaborated with their internship host organization to develop and submit a pilot project application for the McGill MCF-TF.

Does the McGill MCF-TP accept internship opportunities outside its host organizations?

It depends. You can contact the McGill MCF-TP team at mcf-transitions [at] mcgill.ca to discuss this internship opportunity. However, the internship should be relevant to your professional development and one that will assist you to transition successfully. Scholars should also consider the option of applying for the McGill MC-TF in partnership with the organization working for impact in Africa, especially in cases where they already have employment commitments.

Does the McGill MCF-TP support interns with equipment/gadget for perming their internship?

Please discuss this with the McGill MCF-TP team and the host organization when applying for an internship.

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