Transitions Project

The overall goal for the McGill Mastercard Foundation (MCF) Transitions Project is to facilitate Scholars’ transition into the workforce for impact across Africa, building on McGill’s MCF Scholars Program. Such impact can come through experience with community development, social entrepreneurship or policymaking efforts in Africa or other parts of the world, including Canada, where MCF Scholars and recent graduates may currently live. For the McGill MCF Transitions, we develop:

  1. Global networks of employers, educational institutions, private, public, and civil society organization partners, and McGill alumni to support MCF Scholar/Alumni; and
  2. Training and support programs to help MCF Scholar cohorts’ re-entry advancement.

Specifically, we are developing support for MCF Scholars/Alumni through four types of activities: 

This is the official website of the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program at McGill University. Please note that any application information housed on a non website may be fraudulent. For information on how to apply to the MCF Program at McGill, please visit here.

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