Peer mentorship

"Mentorship is WONDERFUL! So far we've been to laser tag, a little concert at trois minots, went to la banquise, went up the mountain to see the sunrise, and we're planning a little mid term de-stress baking session. It's just been great knowing someone who's always enthusiastic and willing to try new things" --- Peer Mentor

Peer Mentorship is a 2-to-2 relationship between upper-year McGill students and Scholars. That is, two mentors are matched with two Scholars in their first year to create a Peer Mentorship Circle. This format aims to expose both mentors and Scholars to a wider network of people, interests, and backgrounds. Peer Mentors provide guidance on life at McGill in a manner that facilitates the Scholars’ transition and success. Each Scholar and each Mentor is different, but they all share a dedication to academic achievement, leadership development and an ethic of giving back to one’s community.

Each year, the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program looks for a new group of Peer Mentors from a mix of faculties and with a mix of interests. We seek energetic, compassionate, and reliable upper-year McGill students who are dedicated to service. Familiarity with African cultures is not necessary, but an ability to work with people from different backgrounds is important. Peer Mentors must be on campus for both the fall and winter semesters. Peer Mentors are expected to attend the Peer Mentorship Training session held in September and the monthly Mentorship Circle programming events, which allow Scholars and Mentors to share personal ideas and outlooks. Peer Mentorship Circles also meet every other week and sustain contact through email, Facebook, etc.


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