Ndeye Counta


Ndeye Counta is the Program Associate for the Mastercard Foundation Transition Project. Her areas of focus are the administration of the entrepreneurship projects and the development of a mentorship network to facilitate the transition of Mastercard Foundation (MCF) scholars into meaningful employment.

Before joining the MCF team, Ndeye worked as an Internal Management Intern at the National Airport Agency in her home country, Senegal. She has also worked in South Africa as a Social Impact Consultant as part of the Emzingo Global Impact Fellowship.

Ndeye is passionate about the creation and the promotion of business opportunities on the African continent by leveraging tri-sector collaboration, and public and private partnerships. Her interests also include agri-business, impact investing and sustainable development models.

Ndeye is a McGill alumna who has a Bachelor of Commerce in Finance and Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

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