McGill Mastercard Foundation Transitions Fund (MCF-TF) Governance Council (GC)

Central to our approach for the McGill Mastercard Foundation (MCF) Transitions Fund (MCF-TF) is the MCF-TF Governance Council (MCF-TF GC).  There are seven (7) non-permanent voting members of the MCF-TF GC who review and allot funds for the “Startup Stream” projects of between $1000-5000, and “Partnership Stream” projects of above $5000.

Fanta Ly

Dr. Horace Laryea

Ismael Ouale Fanny

Marjorie Leon

Natasha Alani

Sinikhiwe Niki Maphosa



Shobhita Soor



This is the official website of the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program at McGill University. Please note that any application information housed on a non website may be fraudulent. For information on how to apply to the MCF Program at McGill, please visit here.

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