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Program Vision

The Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program provides access to secondary and higher education for young people who are committed to giving back to their communities. It is designed to provide students with holistic support, including the following:

  • Comprehensive Scholarships — Students receive financial support for fees, uniforms, books and supplies, transportation, accommodation, and stipends.
  • Skills Training — Students benefit from enrichment in areas relevant to employment success, such as critical thinking, communications, and entrepreneurship.
  • Transition Support — Students receive support during their transition into secondary school, university or the workforce with mentoring, career counseling, internships, leadership development, and other life skills coaching.
  • Give-Back Component — An integral component of the Program is the commitment from the Scholars to give back to their communities and countries of origin. Students demonstrate this commitment through volunteerism and community service, as well as other forms of experiential learning.
  • Alumni Network — Graduates of the Scholars Program will be connected through an alumni network that offers information, resources, and opportunities to consult with other graduates.


Students selected for the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program are provided with opportunities to realize their full potential. Through Foundation partners, they receive holistic financial, academic, and emotional support as they transition from secondary to university education and into the workforce. Scholars will build core competencies such as critical thinking, problem solving, and working across diverse groups to ensure their success in the global economy.

Partner institutions will identify and select young men and women who have demonstrated the following attributes:

  • Academic Talent — Scholars value learning and have the drive to complete their education.
  • Commitment to Giving Back — Scholars have a demonstrated commitment to improving their communities.
  • Potential to Lead — Scholars will become role models, mentors, and problem solvers.


The Program will educate over 30,000 young people from low-income backgrounds. This network of next-generation leaders - unified by a common philosophy of change and ethical leadership - will drive social and economic transformation in their communities. At an institutional level, the Program will develop best practices to identify, educate and mentor students of this profile, and transition them from secondary to higher education and into the workforce.

 Learn more about the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program and the Mastercard Foundation.

This is the official website of the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program at McGill University. Please note that any application information housed on a non mcgill.ca website may be fraudulent. For information on how to apply to the MCF Program at McGill, please visit here.

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