May 2015 Edition

Dad, Eat Your Vegetables

Did you know, a father’s diet and lifestyle could significantly impact the health of his unborn offspring? Are there dietary or lifestyle interventions that can help? Read more

Tracking Food Choices for Healthier Diets

The next time you’re at the supermarket or corner store and toss a package of Oreos into your grocery cart, McGill’s Dr. David Buckeridge may be taking note. How? Read more

Getting Canadians Up and Out of Their Seats

Only fifteen per cent of Canadians achieve the recommended 150 minutes of exercise each week, according to a 2011 Statistics Canada report. Dr. Ian Shrier is committed to getting Canadians out of their seats and moving. Read more

Six Tips For a Good Night's Sleep

Research studies show lack of sleep is associated with increased risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, obesity and depression. According to Statistics Canada, about one in seven Canadians aged 15 or older, has problems going to sleep and is considered to have insomnia.
Read more

The Hunger Games

Studies have shown that almost all people who follow restricted diets eventually gain the weight back. Geneviève Rougeau, from McGill’s School of Dietetics and Human Nutrition offers some insight into more effective weight loss. Read more

5 Tips To Reach Your Health Goals

Why are we successful in attaining certain goals but not others? Why are some of us better able to resist temptation along the way? Is it only about willpower? Read more




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